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LCMS 2010 Convention Information, v. 4.3

Here’s the continually expanding list of links to articles related to the upcoming Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod convention, including articles on Presidential candidates and resolutions, Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance recommendations, and political antics.

Ongoing References:

The United List

Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri

Harrison for President

It’s Time: LCMS Unity and Mission

The Brothers of John the Steadfast

Brian Yamabe’s blog Vocation in the Valley: Life Under the Cross, where he reviews the resolutions one at a time.


Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 7-10
“Kieschnick is its primary designer”

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-8
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 8, Structure and Governance, 8-27 through 8-34 and Conclusion

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-8
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 8, Structure and Governance, 8-13 through 8-26

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-7
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 8, Structure and Governance, 8-01 through 8-12

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-7
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 8, Structure and Governance, Introduction and Overview

Pastor Tim Rossow, 7-7
"Pastor, Is Matt Harrison Good for Lutheran Schools?"

Dan Engle, 7-6
Pray for a Synod United with the Word

Issues, Etc., 7-5
Profiles in Presidential Leadership in the LCMS

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 7-4
“One last term”? Delegates respond

Pastor Tim Rossow, 7-4
Respect, Be Aware of and Fear the Gavel

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-3
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 7, Ecclesial Matters

Jim Pierce, 7-2
Time to Send Up a Red Flare?

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-2
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 6, Human Care

Norm Fisher, 7-2
A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: Proposed Structure Compared to Existing Structure

Rev. Matthew Rueger, Ph.D., 7-1
Equity or Christological Equality?

Jim Pierce, 7-1
Matt Harrison for LCMS Synod President

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-1
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 5, Seminary and University Education

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 7-1
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 4, Administration and Finance

The Lutheran Clarion, July edition

Pastor Thomas Messer, 6-30
Still laughing at this one!

Pastor Thomas Messer, 6-30
Wait, What?

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 6-30
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 3, Theology and Church Relations

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 6-30
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 2, District and Congregational Services

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 6-30
Proposed Resolutions: Committee 1, Missions (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Dr. Martin Noland, 6-30
It’s Still Theological – A Word to Delegates, by Pastor Martin Noland

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 6-30
Jon Coyne’s troubling history

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 6-30
Letter #9 — Accountants give it an F

LCMS Treasurer Tom Kuchta
Letter regarding the financial data presented in Jesus First’s Delegate Letter #9

Pastor Tim Rossow, 6-30
More Harrison Momentum: Kieschnick Voters Turning, Contemporary Worship Enthusiast Calls for Jesus First Apology, Etc.

Pastor Todd Wilken, 6-30
It’s Time, Now.

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 6-30
Telling reaction

Jenny Jordan and Cheryl Magness, 6-29

Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri, 6-29
Letter to Delegates

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 6-29
The truth about World Relief and Human Care’s stewardship

Host Evan Goeglein interviews Pastor Todd Wilken on President Kieschnick's pre-convention videos in this Table Scraps special, 6-28

Pastor Wil Weedon, 6-28
Word for the Wise

Vice Chair of the Board for Human Care John Edson, 6-29
The Truth about the Stewardship of LCMS World Relief and Human Care

Pastor Todd Wilken, 6-28
Numbers Even I Can Understand

Pastor Lincoln Winter, 6-26
An answer, of sorts

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 6-25
Pro-lifers worried about Restructuring, Resolution 8-08

Pastor Jody Walter, 6-24
Jody Walter, A North Wisconsin Pastor Writes to His Flock about the Synod

Norm Fisher, 6-23
2010 LCMS Convention Resolution 5-04

Pastor Tim Rossow, 6-23
Recent Unscriptural Decisions in the ELCA are the Product of “Efficiencies” Similar to the Proposed LCMS Structure

Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri, 6-22
Letter to Delegates

Ken Schurb Discussing BRTFSSG on Issues, Etc, 6-22

Pastor Todd Wilken, 6-21
Can President Kieschnick Count on You?

Pastor Lincoln Winter, 6-21
One Person – Dear Leader

Pastor Lincoln Winter, 6-19
Power, Authority and the next President of our Synod

Pastor Charlie Henrickson, 6-16
Bible or Bylaws?

Scott Diekmann, 6-16
Meet Pastor Matt Harrison

Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri, 6-15
Letter to Delegates

Scott Diekmann, 6-15
President Kieschnick is Right – This Really Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Church

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 6-15
Campaigning heats up

Pastor Thomas Messer, 6-12
A Great Politician

Pastor Tim Rossow, 6-9
Rocky Mt. District President Golter Shares Concerns about Restructuring

Deaconess Rachel Mumme, 6-9
Riding the Storm: A Young Woman’s Place in Hurricane Katrina

Pastor Paul Schlueter, 6-7
Matt Harrison Can NOT Unify the Synod (But He Knows Who Can)

Scott Diekmann, 6-4
Hurricane Warning!

Reinhild Niebuhr, 6-3
Out of Africa

Barbara Below, 6-2
My View from the Inside

Scott Diekmann, 6-2
The Proposed Resolutions are Out

The Lutheran Clarion June edition

Dr. Leo Mackay, 6-1
The Heart and Head of a Pastor

Jim Pierce, 6-1
BRTFSSG and Politics as Usual

Scott Diekmann, 5-28
The LCMS Convention: Floor Committee Intrigue

Pastor Todd Wilken, 5-28
Do as we say, not as we do…

Pastor Tim Rossow, 5-28
Committee Recommendatons are Out – Let the Final Debate Begin

Pastor Lincoln Winter, 5-28
Liveblogging the Reporter

Pastor Todd Wilken, 5-27
Floor Committee 8 Ignores Dissenting Overtures

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 5-25
Pushing Restructuring Through

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 5-24
Synod boards and commissions in a fight for their existence

Pastor Gary Arp, 5-19
Is he a PASTOR?

Pastor Wil Weedon, 5-18
Why Evangelical Catholics Should Support Pastor Matthew Harrison for Synodical President

Uwe Siemon-Netto, 5-18
Black Bread and Leadership in the LCMS

Pastor Tim Rossow, 5-17
Blunt Opposition to a Key Blue Ribbon Proposal Comes from a Surprising Source

Dr. Al Collver, 5-15
Report of Special Committee re Art VII, 1944

Pastor Klemet Preus, 5-6
Why President Kieschnick’s Numbers are Down

Jim Pierce, 5-3
Revisiting a Point in the BRTFSSG

Pastor Charles Henrickson, 4-30
My “bad”: How a desperate Jesus First will distort and deflect

Pastor Klemet Preus, 4-30
Why President Kieschnick showed poorly: Part III

Pastor Charles Henrickson, 4-29
Jesus First on low nominations: We meant to do that!

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 4-26
Here’s the “confidential” report

Scott Diekmann, 4-26
You Didn’t See Any of These in the BRTFSSG Recommendations

Pastor Klemet Preus, 4-26
What do the nominations numbers mean? Part II

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 4-24
“Not a consolidation of power”?

Pastor Charles Henrickson, 4-24
Kieschnick: Low Nominations Mean High Satisfaction

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 4-23
If you had half a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 4-23
Major unrest regarding Blue Ribbon Task Force proposals

Pastor Klemet Preus, 4-19
What do the nominations numbers mean? Part I

Pastor Charles Henrickson, 4-7
Nominations announced: Harrison tops ballot by wide margin

Pastor Tim Rossow, 3-26
Supporter of President Kieschnick says Some are Intimidated by Blue Ribbon Proposals

Dr. Martin Noland, 3-22
The Blue Ribbon Plan #18 and the Spoils System

Pastor Lincoln Winter, 3-16
Forest Boar Task Force on Synod Scructure and Gonvernance (FBTFSSG)

Pastor Tim Rossow, 3-1
Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 10 – Recommendation #7: To What Extent does your Congregation Actually Need and Use District and Synod?

The Lutheran Clarion, Feb 2010
Top Down Work on a Bottom Up Denomination: A Look at the Final Report of The Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance

The Lutheran Clarion, Jan 2010
President Keischnick’s Task Force Recommendation: Power to the President

Issues, Etc.
PDF transcripts of Dr. Ken Schurb discussing the BRTFSSG
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Issues, Etc.
Questions for President Kieschnick’s Task Force PDF

Pastor Tim Rossow, 2-1
Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 9 – Recommendation #6: Proof of the Great Deception by the Blue Ribbon Committee

Brian Yamabe, 2-1
LCMS Regional Gathering – Part 2

Brian Yamabe, 2-1
LCMS Regional Gathering – Part 1

Scott Diekmann, 1-26
Dr. Kuhn Sets the Record Straight on the BRTFSSG Final Report

Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri, 1-2
An Alternate Plan for LCMS National Offices

Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri, 12-31
An Alternate Plan for Electoral Circuits

Pastor Tim Rossow, 12-23
Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 8 – Recommendation #5: The Liberal Bias of the Task Force – Pitting Laity against the Clergy

Pastor Tim Rossow, 12-22
Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 7 – Recommendation #4: Why Go to the District to get Lousy Programs when the Synod is Capable Enough of Turning out Lousy Programs?

Glen Piper, 12-19
Gathering the Force in Dearborn (2 of 2)

Pastor Tim Rossow, 12-17
Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 6 – Recommendation #3: The Task Force Claims that it is Crucial for the Synod to Restore the Effectiveness of Circuits – Do the Proposals do That?

Pastor Tim Rossow, 12-13
As We Predicted, the Bully Pulpit at the Regional Gatherings is a Slippery Slope

Glen Piper, 12-13
Gathering the Force in Dearborn (1 of 2)

Pastor Tim Rossow, 12-11
Eight Questions for Delegates to ask Concerning President Kieshcnick’s Claim that the BRTFSG is necessary for the Financial Well-being of Synod

Scott Diekmann, 12-7
Bursting the BRTFSSG, Part 5: Is This What “Mission” Sounds Like?

Glen Piper, 12-5
Initial Restructuring Thoughts

Pastor Tim Rossow, 12-3
Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 5 – Recommendation #2: The Proposals do not Clarify the Congregational Principle

Pastor Tim Rossow, 12-3
Delegates Beware Sweet Bullying from the Pulpit – Blue Ribbon Task Force Regional Gatherings Start this Week

Scott Diekmann, 11-30
Bursting the BRTFSSG, Part 4: Shifting the Paradigm

Pastor Tim Rossow, 11-27
Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 4 – Recommendation #1: the Constitutional Amendments to the Preamble and Articles II, III, VI and VII

Pastor Tim Rossow, 11-25
Comprehensive Analysis of the Blue Ribbon Proposals on Structure & Governance, Proposal 1 – Manipulation and Deception by the Task Force

Scott Diekmann, 11-23
Bursting the BRTFSSG, Part 3: Excising Uniformity

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, 11-22
Synod Renewal – Through Mission and Structure? (Note Dr. Noland’s comment)

Scott Diekmann, 11-16
Bursting the BRTFSSG, Part 2: Conscience-Bound

Pastor Klemet Preus, 11-10
Let’s not tinker with Article II, More thoughts on the BRTSFG

Scott Diekmann, 11-9
Bursting the BRTFSSG, Part 1

Pastor Tim Rossow, 11-6
Pastor as CEO and now LCMS President as CEO; BRTFSG Org Chart for Synod Unveiled

Pastor Jonathan Fisk, 11-3
Based on What

Pastor Tim Rossow, 11-2
Blue Ribbon Task Force Gets Walther all Wrong in their Report, They Misunderstand His Teaching on Salvation

Pastor Tim Rossow, 10-29
409,703 Clams, Bucks, Smackers, Dead Presidents and/or Cold Hard Cash Spent On Consultants by the Synod for Structure Proposals

Dr. Martin Noland, 10-29
Part IV of Martin Noland’s Essay on Laymens’ Rights – Contemporary Challenges to Laymen’s Rights in the LCMS: The Blue Ribbon Proposal

Pastor Klemet Preus, 10-28
Let’s Not Tinker with Article II of the Constitution

Pastor Tim Rossow, 10-28
A New and Disturbing Revelation from the BRTFSG: Religion and Cultural Pluralist Consultant is the Guiding Force Behind the Blue Ribbon Proposals

Brian Yamabe, 10-28
Gross Misuse of Statistics

Pastor Tom Chryst, 10-27
Task Force Proposals: Part 2

Pastor Tom Chryst, 10-27
Observations on the Task Force Proposals, Part 1: "Exclusive"

Pastor Tim Rossow, 10-26
Final Blue Ribbon Proposals Published – One Sample of the Control Proposed and the Manipulation of Ideas Used to Support It

Dr. Martin Noland, 3-17
The Secret History of the Blue Ribbon Plan

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