Friday, July 6, 2012

Remembering Andy


Anonymous said...

Back then, you could leave a child alone in front of the TV and not have to worry that he might learn values that would conflict with Christian values. In the 21st century, channels such as Cartoon Network, Nickolodian, and Disney are not safe. We refuse to subscribe to cable TV or Dish. Do I really want my kids to believe that cross dressing is ok, since they have seen it multiple times on SpongeBob?

We choose to buy classic cartoon DVDs that we know are "safe" and let our kids watch those. We either stream our video content or buy/rent movies. We are very picky regarding what we want to watch, and when:

I wish shows like Andy Griffith could be produced in 21st century America.

Scott Diekmann said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous. Being picky is definitely the way to go. Even if you're selective on what you watch on cable and the networks, oftentimes the commercials are even worse than the shows you're trying to avoid. I'm afraid the days of Andy-like shows are gone for good on mainstream TV.