Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LCMS Convention Comic Relief #3

Pastor Todd Peperkorn, speaking from the floor, suggested to President Kieschnick that the next hymn they sing should be “The People That In Darkness Sat.” President Kieschnick didn’t appear to be amused, although there was a fair bit of laughter coming from the floor.


jim the lutheran said...

there have been problems with the lighting in the convention hall all week. Some sections are lit brightly, some are almost "in darkness", On more than one occasion lights have gone off and on during one of the sessions.

Scott Diekmann said...

Ah,yes. Maybe that's what he was referring too. I remember hearing something about that on the feed. It seems like they've had more than their share of glitches. You'd think for a Synod with all the contemporary worship advocates, lighting and microphone inadequacies wouldn't be such a problem.

Dave Lambert said...

Maybe the big screen television in the altar was drawing too much juice!