Monday, June 23, 2008

Shock and Awe Redux

You may have read the original post about our daughter Paige’s graduation speech. Here’s the four minute video in which she encourages her classmates to stand firm by relying on their Savior Jesus Christ.


Ingrid said...

Please let Paige know how much this meant to me. I needed to hear that. Our own efforts to stand firm will fail. It is through Christ alone that we can do valiantly against the world, our flesh and the devil which continually war against us. God bless you, Paige. Thank you for your witness.

capewest said...

A wonderful message from a lovely young woman who obviously loves Christ. This is tremendous, I am going to show this to my 14 year old son to encourage him that by God's grace we can stand firm in Him.

Francis Mac Donald
Nova Scotia, Canada