Friday, June 4, 2010

Hurricane Warning!

The following resolution would allow for Bylaws of the Missouri Synod to be amended without the consent of the congregations of the Synod, a lot like giving someone a signed blank check. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't feel too comfortable allowing anyone to arbitrarily alter the Bylaws, under any circumstances.

Congregations Walking Together in Mission
To Direct the Board of Directors to Amend the Bylaws as Necessary


TF Report (CW TFR)

WHEREAS, Despite the careful work of the floor committees of the convention, the complex work of making major interrelated changes to the Bylaws can result in unintended gaps or ambiguities; and

WHEREAS, Bylaw 7.1.2 provides a mechanism for resolving such issues; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Synod in convention authorize and direct the Board of Directors, pursuant to the procedure provided in Bylaw 7.1.2, to amend such other bylaws as may be necessary to implement the spirit of the resolutions involved in the restructuring of the Synod as adopted by the 2010 convention, to be prepared by the Secretary of the Synod and reviewed by the Commission on Constitutional Matters.

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Dennis Peskey said...

This is an improper and unacceptable method for alteration of the Bylaws. All delegates please vote NO.

Fallhiker said...

This would be okay for emergency-type alterations, and would be temporary in nature until said time a proper vote could be implemented to either uphold or castout said measure.

Anonymous said...

I am not even comfortable with the "emergency" provision--we have all too much of crisis-mongering as it is.

This is just another power grab.

Just vote "NO"!

Johannes ("no-meister")

Norm Fisher said...

I'm STILL confused on this one. First, the BYLAWS can be modified without congregational approval; it is the CONSTITUTION that requires that, so the initial statement you made is incorrect.

Second, in my looking at the resolutions and the bylaws, it's a complete mess -- if some of the resolutions pass and some don't, then we are going to have problems because different resolutions direct changes to the same areas, meaning it's unclear when you pass a resolution what is actually changed.

SOMEONE has to be tasks with figuring out all the bylaws changes made as a result of this convention and making up a document with those changes, and getting that though.

It sure would be nice if there were some way to have a review of it outside of the purple palace, but we really don't have any mechanism to do that. Anyone want to come up with a better way and suggest it from the floor?

Dennis Peskey said...

Norm - As the Constitution and Bylaws of the LC-MS Synod stand today, modification of the Bylaws can only be accomplished by the Synod in convention (with a simple majority vote approval required.)

The problem isn't with our Bylaws as written; your assessment of the impact the proposed resolutions could and/or would have on the Bylaws being a "complete mess" is the essence of the problem.

To bring such disorganization and potential disaster before the Synod in convention is a sham (more than one has sufficient cause for embarassment.) The remedy for this "titanic course" is not to compound the problem with "emergency" powers to amend the Bylaws, but rather to reject the entire package. If conditions warrent alteration of the Bylaws - let them be prepared, discussed and organized in proper fashion to be understood by all before consideration and the effects demonstrated to be for the good of the Synod and the glory of the Lord. Otherwise, they are anathema!

Scott Diekmann said...

Depending on what, if anything, is adopted at the convention, it could indeed be a mess. My suggestion is to randomly pick (and I do mean random) ten laymen from across the country who have no knowledge of synod polity and assign them the task of sorting it out. That way there is no underhanded manipulation of the process like we've seen so far. I agree with Dennis that it is ridiculous that we've put ourselves into this position - rushing to do something without any examination of the impending consequences. Just say "no."