Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet Pastor Matt Harrison

You might like to get to know Pastor Matt Harrison a little better. He's the guy I'm hoping will be the next Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod president. With Pastor Harrison's permission, I've assembled a few videos of him from his blog Mercy Journeys With Pastor Harrison. I hope you'll enjoy watching these videos as much as I've enjoyed them.

A Little Fun With The Banjo

LWML Mite Box – Mite you?

The Greatest Mission Passage in the Book of Concord

New Luther’s Works Volume from CPH – Luther on Joy

Koinonia in Acts and the Book of Concord

A Visit to Wittenberg, Part 1

Goin’ Down the Road Feeling’ Bad


Nancy said...

If he can play the Beverly Hillbillies theme song, he's my guy!

Rev. Philip Zielinski said...

So, in the first video he's playing the banjo one direction, and in the last video it's the other direction? How does that work exactly? Maybe he's just that good!

Dennis Peskey said...

Rev, Zielinski - One direction is Law and the other Gospel. While both are good, they are inherently opposites which should always be clearly distinguished!

Martin Diers said...

This is actually not that uncommon in the banjo community. Unlike guitars (at least, with rare exceptions), banjos come left or right-handed and since the instruments are constructed in such a way that they may only be strung one way or the other, some people learn to play either way.

It's not quite as hard as it sounds because a left-handed instrument has the strings in reverse order from a right-handed instrument. That means that you are playing with the same fingers either way, just on opposite hands.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it's just the mirror image that can come with webcams. Some of Matt's older posts are in reverse image, He even mentions it when the titles of books he holds up are reversed.
I don't think he's that good...

Rev Zielinski, I pray you are that observant when your 5 new adopted girls arrive. Blessings!