Friday, July 2, 2010

Jesus Is in There Somewhere

The "official" Wordle for the LCMS 2010 Convention Workbook:

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Anonymous said...

So that's a "wordle" eh? I'm not impressed.

I spent a few moments with this thing, and I found "Christ", "God" and "Christian"--I'll take your word that "Jesus" is in there someplace. What is most disturbing that this is mostly corporate and organizational jargon. Words, such as "Baptized", "Sacramental", "Justified", "Salvation," and words that proclaim our identity seem to be missing, and we are treated instead to corporate synod-speak.
In an attempt to be "cute" or "relevant" the designer(s) have managed to be neither, rather showing their ignorance or disdain of what it means to be Lutheran.

How much did Synodinc pay for this "wordle?"

Johannes (curmudgeon)

Scott Diekmann said...


Anyone can do a worlde by going to Take any document and upload it to wordle and it will produce a graphic of varying color and arrangement similar to this one, all for free. I uploaded the convention workbook and this is what it gave me. I think one or two of the synodocrats would have recognized that this wordle wasn't very flattering, although it accurately depicts our interest in all things structural and corporate, and our lack of interest in Word and Sacrament.

Anonymous said...

Scott--I think I'll pass on that link. Your message came through loud and clear, but I am VERY happy to know that it didn't cost anything.

"Wordle"--whatle nextle?


Rev Keith Reeder said...

It may just be an illusion due to the different colors, but "Christ" does at least appear to be bigger than "President."

Dennis Peskey said...

I found Jesus - no, not in the altar call sense; Jesus in the wordle. Of course, I had to use the magnifier tool with Windows 7 (set at 200%). I figured He made the effort to look for me - the least I could do is find his Name somewhere in our convention workbook.