Monday, July 28, 2008

My Answer to Weedon’s Reel

Caution for German Lutherans: Humor Ahead

Pastor Wil Weedon waxed eloquent about his “reel” mower the other day. For the uninitiated, a reel mower is a lawn mower in which the power is supplied, not by an engine, but by you! I’ll admit, it does have a certain savoir faire about it, at least until it’s really hot outside. Pastor Weedon doesn’t “mow” his lawn, he “shaves” it. But the Wx5 (stands for Wee Willie Weedon’s Weed Whacker) has nothing on the Honda HRX217HXA - although I do like his photo a lot more.

Nothing says “affluence” quite like the Honda. No pastoral mower, this. (Did you catch the witty double meaning there? That’s what I thought.) It’s got a deck that won’t rust. Two blades instead of one, which means finer-cut pieces of grass, equating to less emptying of the bag. And it has a variable mulch setting for you “green” types, so you can fertilize your yard the environmentally friendly way, plus happily mulch the occasional frog, and bag the rest. Plus, doesn’t the racket this thing makes as you’re competing with the other neighbor’s mowers on a Saturday morning, combined with the sweet smell of freshly cut grass, transport you back to your younger years when it was your dad cutting the grass instead of you?

I thoroughly broke it in today, including a little doggie doo doo on one of the tires. It works great. I do have one concern though. I’m not sure which mower is really the more “Confessional” of the two. Perhaps someone else can weigh in on the issue. Bueller, McCain, anyone?


Andrew said...

I like to look at the mower competition in a law/gospel sort of way. If you really want the most confessional mower, you need a self-propelled mower. See, the reel mower is all about YOU doing the work. The Honda does most of the work for you, but you still need to give it a push. Synergism at work. But the self-propelled there is the gospel if ever I've seen it. With that thing, all the work is done for me, sola gratia.

It's a stretch, I know.

Red said...

Well, Andrew kinda beat me to it, but I was going to say the Honda is the more confessional of the two because it does the work for you whereas the push mower requires the human to do the work or nothing happens at all.

In addition, the push mower is more liberal because it is better for this planet and it is good exercise. One deals with two liberal complaints at once, whereas the Honda uses up fossil fuels and you don't work as hard.

Peter said...

I look at it this way: Weedon's push mower is like the Reformed who wanted to gut Christianty of all things Catholic and get back to the bare bone basics; whereas the Honda self-propelled mower is more like the Lutherans who reformed what needed fixing, and that's all.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no. Pr. Weedon's mower is the more confessional one. In order for the Honda to provide a "valid" cut, it must be run on oil that has been validly and legitimately refined by a power-hungry, money grabbing autocracy that thinks the world revolves around it, whereas in Weedon's case, the local mower has everything it needs to provide a valid cut. The Honda, requiring one to empty one's wallet and pay homage to a bloated autocracy responsible for widespread strife in order for the lawn to be cut, certainly has more in common with the Church of Rome, or possibly the Not Your Grandfather's LCMS, in which case Weedon's mower still wins.