Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Calling the Question

I'm going to stop posting the result of every single vote at the LCMS Convention, but may comment on some of them. They way the convention has gone so far, I'd call it a rubber stamp overall. Just expect everything to pass, with the possible exception of Constitutional amendments, which require a 2/3 majority. Many resolutions have been adopted with almost no debate. A couple of times the question has been called (which stops debate) as soon as a resolution was presented.

Basically, the rules of engagement really haven't changed - vote against any resolution that comes from Floor Committee 8 and you'll be doing yourself and the rest of us a true service. Especially those which require a Constitutional amendment.

I really haven't seen anyone being obnoxiously celebratory over the election of Pastor Harrison as President, and hope I won't. While he was definitely the clear cut best choice, there are others who don't feel that way - put yourself in their shoes.

Have a good night's sleep. Don't forget your thinking cap in the morning.

photo credit: Lori Greig


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

The "rubber stamp" effect will increase, as there will be increase sympathy for the outgoing president. And actually, I think I'd rather see your opinions on stuff than just the reporting (although I have appreciated it greatly).

Dennis Peskey said...

Scott - A quick note of thanks for your efforts and postings during the past several days. I've spent too much time on ALPB and the live convention broadcasting; to return to my studies and daily routine will indeed be a blessing. I an grateful for the election results which placed Pr. Matt Harrison as our new synodical president and the all the men chosen as vice-presidents. May God bless them (and us) as they live out their new vocations in service to Him.

Also, I should like to thank President Kieschnick for his tireless work in service to our Synod. While I disagreed with much of what transpired during his presidency, I did not doubt his devotion to our Lord and our Synod. May we use this election as the gracious gift given us from our Lord to examine, clarify and confirm our committment to His word and our confessions.
Sola Deo Gloria;

Scott Diekmann said...

Well put Dennis. Thanks.