Saturday, July 10, 2010

Altered Altar

For an interesting post on the altar used at the Divine Service at the LCMS Convention (complete with a very good photograph), check out what Pastor Heath Curtis has to say at Gottesdienst Online. My own comment: The altar isn't the place to make a fashion statement. What does the design of the altar say about our theology?


Anonymous said...

Is that really a TV Screen in the middle of the Altar? Talk about chutzpah!

On the other hand, I'm about fed up with what appears to be gratuitous Kieschnick-bashing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm no fan of PK, but the past week or so things have gone over the top. Not so much here, but on BJS it's a bit too much. I hope Harrison wins, but I can't help but be extremely uncomfortable with what I deem to be very close to ad hominem attacks. They have an almost-personal tone to them.

So, enough already!!

Johannes (pro-Harrison)

Anonymous said...

Kieschnick will be voted out of office by Wednesday. BJS will have to leave him alone. Many LCMS Lutherans are worried about Church Growth doctrine replacing LCMS Lutheran doctrine. Should LCMS congregations really be reading Rob Bell in bible study? 'nuff said.

I can tolerate Power Point presentations and static images. I absolutely hate moving images on the big screen at church during a contemporary service. At that point, the line from information to "infotainment" is crossed. How many LCMS pastors are aware of this fact.

Having visited non-denominational mega-churches (and even smaller Reformed churches), it bothers me to see anyone or anything behind the altar space. That space is supposed to be reserved for the pastor only. Where is the altar space in these non-Lutheran, protestant denominations. The praise band or the choir is stomping in the space where the altar is supposed to be. They have traded the altar for a stage.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the altar~
Does ANYONE have a problem with the androgynous "ice-sculpture" that is at the CENTER of the "altar"?!
That thing is an abomination- it looks more like a pagan fertility goddess than our Lord and Savior- who came in the FLESH as a MAN! Don't we have enough queer and faggy things in this modern world already? Do we REALLY need to make a dubious artistic statement in the middle of the holiest and most sacred of Christian practices?!

This is NOT the image of our Lord!
He was a MAN who died on the cross and rose from the dead- and ascended into heaven- still a MAN! Put a crucifix up there, or at least an empty cross with identifiable Christian symbols.
Lord, have mercy upon us!

Scott Diekmann said...

The Gottesdienst Online article ( also objected to the "crucifix":
"And the sort of ice sculptoresque, touchdownish, sort of not quite representative altar crucifix is well..., er.. let's leave it at that."