Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Resolution 4-05 Adopted

Resolution 4-05, To Revise Convention Election Process, found on pages 73-74 of the original Today's Business, has been adopted.

Resolved, That the first paragraph of Bylaw be amended to read: The Board of Directors shall consist of 15 voting members.

1. 13 members are elected by the Synod in convention and serve a maximum of two six-year terms: four ordained ministers, one commissioned minister, and eight laypersons. No more than one member from each category and no more than two members total may be elected from any one district.
2. The President and Secretary shall be voting members of the board.
3. The First Vice-President and the Vice-President–Finance—Treasurer of the Synod shall be nonvoting members.

and be it further

Resolved, That Bylaw be amended to read: The President shall determine and announce a period of time during the convention for the election of the members of all elective boards and commissions.

(a) After the election of the President, the First Vice-President, and the other vice-presidents in that order, and the election by ballot of the Secretary shall next be conducted.

(b) The election by ballot of the members of the Board of Directors shall next follow. Each category (ordained, commissioned, and lay) shall be elected separately, the order of the elections to be rotated to allow each category to be the first elected at every third convention, as monitored by the Secretary of the Synod.

(c) The election by ballot of the members of all elective boards and commissions shall next follow.

(d) A majority of all votes cast shall be required for election to all elective offices and elective board positions. Candidates receiving a majority on the first ballot shall be declared elected.

(e) Except in the elections of president and vice-presidents, when a second or succeeding ballot is required for a majority, the candidate receiving the fewest votes and all candidates receiving less than 15 percent of the votes cast shall be dropped from the ballot, unless fewer than two candidates receive 15 percent or more of the votes cast, in which case the three highest candidates shall constitute the ballot.

(f) The tally of the votes cast for each candidate shall be announced after each ballot in all elections.

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