Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Plus, he smokes cigars."

Here's a couple of paragraphs from Fort Wayne's The News-Sentinel reporter Kevin Leininger in his article "Ex-city pastor new leader of Missouri Synod Lutherans":
Harrison's election was greeted enthusiastically by Fort Wayne residents who knew and worked with him here.

“He's a wonderful guy who will be a great leader for the church, with his focus on mercy,” said attorney Bill Swift, a member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, who worked with Harrison on the St. Peter's-Zion Project. “Plus, he smokes cigars.”

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Dennis Peskey said...

"Harrison, who also plays the banjo, has two sons with his wife, Kathy."
The next time I see Pr. Rossow - I'm suggesting we have the Synodical President speak to the BJS convention on confessions, cigars and the banjo. Bethany may not be big enough to hold the overflow!