Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evolved or Designed?

While running along the lava cliffs of the Kona seashore, I came across this chunk of lava.  Like most people, you probably concluded that the smaller white rocks were not randomly washed up onto the lava, but rather that they were arranged by someone.  It looks like some beachcomber was trying to spell something.

Now if you happened to discover a mousetrap  gathering dust under the water heater at work, again you'd understand that the mousetrap was designed. It couldn't have randomly come together, or evolved over time, since if any piece of the trap were missing, none of it would work.

Now head back into the lab to have a look at that cell you were taking a peek at under your electron microscope.  You'll certainly see plenty of these inside the cell - mitochondria, which are the cell's power plants.  According to popular thought, while we assume the white rocks on the lava and the dusty mousetrap were designed, the mitochondrion is just an act of nature.  The mitochondrion evolved over millions of years in little tiny steps.  Yet like the mousetrap, this complex power plant couldn't evolve, because there's too many biochemical steps and substeps that would have to come together at the same time for this marvel to be functional. If any particular sequence in the process is missing, there's no functionality, hence no power and no reason for it to continue to evolve.  The mousetrap, and the  mitochondrion, and the cell, had a creator. In the case of the mousetrap, it was created by the Victor Company.  They've been designing mousetraps since 1890.  In the case of the mitochondrion and the cell, they've been around since the first week of Creation, when the Triune God spoke them into existence.  Despite the unspoken rule that any theory is more viable than one that leads to the miraculous, the deeper science digs, the more miraculous the findings become.  Yet God's invisible attributes have always been known because of the things He has created.

Psalm 139:14  "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."

photo credits: mousetrap- Randy Cox / mitochondrion- K. R. Porter


Anonymous said...

The evolutionist, who has a great faith in Blind Chance, simply will not come to terms with Information. For information comes only from intelligence, and we all know what that implies. Goggle "A. E. Wilder-Smith" and then download and listen to his "The great evolution-creation debate," and "The seven postulates of evolution." Required listening.

Joe Strieter

Youssarian said...

I enjoy posts like these. I'm a young Christian who is also quite interested in the sciences. It's fascinating to see how scientific discoveries corroborate with theism.

Unrelated, I have a question. I'm looking for advice. I am currently an Assemblies of God member but I'm probably going to leave the denomination in a few months when I move away from home for university. I think the city I am moving to has a confessional Lutheran church. Would it be beneficial for me to attend such a Lutheran church as opposed to Assemblies of God (Pentecostal)? Would there be a major difference I would need to mentally prepare myself for?

Scott Diekmann said...

Hi Youssarian. Thanks for reading. I've never attended an Assemblies of God church service, so I can't really say what differences you'll encounter in that regard. As far as doctrinally, there as some significant differences. A good explanation can be found here on the Wisconsin Evangelical Synod website:
http://www.wels.net/what-we-believe/questions-answers/christian/assembly-god. I'd encourage you to talk to the pastor about your background. He will be able to explain why there are doctrinal differences and the significance of each. I'm excited that you've chosen to attend a Lutheran church!

Anonymous said...

Please. Cell biologists established the eubacterial origins of eukaryotic mitochondria quite some time ago. Time to open the door of your echo chamber.