Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rev. Larry Stoterau & Floor Committee 8: Just Vote "Yes"

District President Larry Stoterau, the chair of Floor Committee 8 on Synod Structure and Governance, just returned to the podium, continuing Floor Committee 8's presentation from yesterday. He points out that the Floor Committee only has 1 ½ hours left to make their presentations throughout the rest of the convention, and points out that there are many amendments and possible substitutions which have already been proposed. He notes that there are many good resolutions that they are trying to get to, and is concerned that they may run out of time to get these things done – “We ask your caution in trying to move forward on these issues.”

Translation: Quit debating, amending, substituting, thinking, making points of order, and defending the truth, and just vote “yes.” Trust us.

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Anonymous said...

Where have we heard that before?