Friday, July 16, 2010

Is It Too Late to Get Resolution 8-39 to the Floor?

Resolution 8-39

To Allow Circularizing in Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections

WHEREAS, Bylaw 3.12.1 (e) reads “Groups and individuals within and without the Synod are urged to refrain from circularizing the Synod or areas thereof relative to favoritism in nominations for President, First Vice-President, and other vice-presidents in line of succession;” and

WHEREAS, Many candidates, either with or without their approval, have campaign committees that circularize in spite of the Bylaw prohibition discouragement ; and

WHEREAS, The prohibition discouragement against circularizing offers a large advantage to the sitting President of the Synod; and

WHEREAS, The prohibition discouragement against circularizing makes it difficult for the Synod to ascertain the position candidates may hold on any given topic; therefore be it

Resolved, That in the interest of electing candidates for President and Vice-President based on informed decisions, that Bylaw 3.12.1 (e) be removed from the Bylaws; and be it further

Resolved, that a committee consisting of four laymen who have no knowledge of Synod politics be formed which will adopt a simple set of guidelines on ethical matters related to circularizing; and be it further

Resolved, that the committee will have a budget of $250 to accomplish their task; and be it further

Resolved, that these guidelines are to be developed and published by August 1, 2011, and that these guidelines will be binding on the candidates for the 2013 and subsequent elections; and be it further

Resolved, that the committee will reconvene following the 2013 Convention to revisit these guidelines and adjust them as needed.


Anonymous said...

This resolution sounds good on the surface, but it needs careful study. Do we want to legitimize politicking? On the other hand,how to give non-incumbents a fair hearing. Be vewy vewy careful.


Scott Diekmann said...

By allowing its practice, we've already legitimized illegitimate politiking. Legitimized legitimate politiking seems preferable to legitimized illegitimate politiking.

Anonymous said...

I saw that one coming. Of course, the big problem is that no one enforces the prohibition. Watching the convention, and seeing delegates with their blackberries in hand, reading the text of their words to the convention strikes me as patently dangerous. What is to stop them from communicating in violation of the standing rules? Whatever scheme the committee comes up with, how is it going to be enforced any better than the current bylaws? My point is, I hope the cure isn't worse than the disease. I suppose I didn't voice it very well.


Scott Diekmann said...

Enforcement will be with nunchucks. Works every time.

Preachrboy said...

Actually, the current bylaw does not prohibit, it only "urges" that we refrain.

Since it is not a matter of doctrine, I figure I can ignore the LCMS advice on this matter - since it's not expedient. Synod is, after all, only advisory.

Scott Diekmann said...

Thank you for your point Pastor Chryst. I have amended to resolution appropriately.