Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Resolution 8-16A Has Been Adopted

Resolution 8-16A, To Ensure Regional Representation on the Board of Directors, found on pages 385 and 386 of Sunday's Today's Business, was adopted 760 to 402.

Resolved, That effective at the next regular convention the Synod’s Board of Directors be composed of no more than 14 voting members, as follows:
- five laypersons, one elected from each of the five designated geographical regions
- two ministers of religion–ordained elected at-large from the Synod
- one minister of religion–commissioned elected at-large from the Synod
- two laypersons elected at-large from Synod
- up to three at-large laypersons appointed by the elected members of the Board of Directors to obtain needed additional skill sets (legal, finance, investment, administration, etc.)
- the President of the Synod

and be it further

Resolved, That with the exception of the President of the Synod, no more than two voting members be elected from the same district; and be it finally

Resolved, That Bylaw be amended accordingly, as shown (“2007 Handbook Convention Version,” TB, p. 242–243).

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