Monday, March 1, 2010

Attention Open Communion Pastors

For those pastors out there who practice open Communion, you might want to consider placing a bottle of WASH AWAY YOUR SINS soap in each pew. The information from the company reads:

“Formulated to soothe guilty conscience and kill sins on contact. And smell divine! Blue Q is the World Leader in Sin Removal Products, and whether your salvation comes in a pump, spray or tube, Wash Away Your Sins lets you commune with confidence. Save yourself, save others! Features terrific Easter Lily fragrance plus Rosemary, Aloe and other restorative botanicals.”

With a bottle of WASH AWAY YOUR SINS in the pew, you can be confident that the stray unrepentant sinner or the occasional Mormon will be good to go – they can “commune with confidence.”

…Or, you could take a more loving approach for your neighbor, and limit Communion to those who truly share our Confession, knowing full well that those who eat and drink of the very body and blood of our Lord in an unworthy manner are guilty of a grave sin, that could lead to their illness or even death (1 Cor. 11:23-30). It’s not a joke. It’s deadly serious. What would seem to be a loving approach, to have a weak, inclusive statement about Communion in your bulletin, the practical result of which is that anybody can commune, isn’t loving at all.

photo credit: elkit


Anonymous said...

I like the pump bottle, but the towlettes add a nice touch also. Put them in the pews, and in the toilet rooms.

Where did you find this product, Scott? It's a hoot! The pastor in the ad looked vaguely familiar.


Scott Diekmann said...

I came across the graphic on flickr, and then found the product website. Not sure I recognize the pastor on their website though.