Friday, July 9, 2010

An Excellent Convention Post by Pastor Todd Peperkorn

For a wonderful perspective on someones first day at the convention, read Pastor Todd Peperkorn's post on his blog Lutheran Logomaniac. Here's a sneak preview:
I know this is a little rambling. It’s late, but I wanted to get something written for the day. There are many friends here, old and new. It’s great to see them all. There are people I have been in conflict with in various was here as well. I pray for reconciliation. There will be lots of back room deals and shenanigans. There always are. But in the midst of it all, God can and is still at work. Sometimes it happens through us. Sometimes it happens in spite of us. Sometimes both at the same time. It is my prayer this week that the decisions and elections that take place here in Houston will further His Kingdom, and that the old hymn will remain true, “Lord, help us ever to retain, the catechisms doctrine plain, as Luther taught the word of truth, in simple words to tender youth!”

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