Monday, July 12, 2010

Resolution 8-18 Has Been Defeated

Resolution 8-18 had been defeated. There were 680 votes in favor and 495 against. Since it required a 2/3 majority to pass it has been defeated.

Resolution 8-18 resolved that the Synod adopt a four-year cycle for district and national conventions, and that in the four-year cycle, circuits may hold theological convocations in year one; districts shall 36 hold theological convocations in year two; district conventions shall be held in year three; and the national Synod 37 convention shall be held in year four.

I assume the Committee decided to begin its presentation with this resolution because they thought it would likely pass, and they wanted to get things off on a positive note. The defeat of this resolution won't help their cause.


Anonymous said...

Scott--I beg to differ. This resolution was a trial balloon. Now that they see the margin, they can move accordingly. From my perspective, it was a "throw away" resolution.

Bad resolution, good politics.

The current one is the biggie--this is hugely scarey. Just say "NO!"


Scott Diekmann said...

I agree it was a trial balloon. I'm not so sure their balloon was buoyant enough to get 8-08A passed!