Friday, July 10, 2009

The Chair of the New LCMS Task Force

Here's a recent photo of the Chair of the newly formed Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Blue Ribbon Task Force on Doctrinal Harmony (LCMSBRTFDH), taken at the Downtown Doubletree Hotel in San Diego.

Lex supellectilis, lex credendi.

Remember, it's a joke. Only a joke.


Dennis Peskey said...

Is this available in MAUVE?

Anonymous said...

Would that be four-part doctrinal harmony? Or three-part doctrinal harmony? Whatever color one chooses, it must be neutral--we wouldn't want to offend anyone. And the chair must be soft--no hard edges. It should be comfortable--lets you feel good. And large enough--one size fits all. It really ought to be a doctrinal easy chair, don't you think?