Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Four Stages of Church Growth Disease

Quoting Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller off the Table Talk Radio Facebook page.  I know some people who are in Stage 1 of this deadly disease.  You probably do too.  Research has now proven that the best way to treat this malady is by immediate removal from the contaminated zone, followed by a prescription of constant and lifelong exposure to Word and Sacrament. Here's the quote:

The Four Stages of Church Growth Disease:

Stage 1: I’m uncomfortable with all the changes happening around my church, but I guess it’s okay, after all, it’s for the ‘lost’ and the ‘youth’ and the ‘mission.’

Stage 2: I’m disappointed that I’m not being fed at my church, but I also feel guilty for this, after all, you go to church to serve, not to be served, right?

Stage 3: I’m looking for a more authentic community of Jesus-followers.

Stage 4: I’m an atheist.

You can also hear the four stages of Church Growth Disease discussed on Table Talk Radio episode number 195, an episode that's well worth listening to, especially if you're looking for a little theologic comic relief.

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