Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Tweets from the LCMS Convention in Houston


We've just finished a rather(how to put best construction ???) eclectic worship service. Will post more tonight on the blog.


"Manipulative mishmash" comes to mind…


Musical thoughts on the #LCMSConvention opening service: "One People" with a whole lot of different musical tastes.

Alleluia Verse. Very nice setting. It looks like the children are being led by Kantor Janet Muth of Memorial, Houston.

Interesting setting of "Thy Strong Word". Does the music overpower the text?


Hearing lots of disappointment with the music of the service.

Link for St. L. P-D article:

St. Louis Post-D: "vote on restructuring has been 5 yrs in making. Kieschnick is primary designer, and he has sold it hard"


"Thy Strong Word," praise band rendition? Interesting choice.


Dr. Stoterau says: Written questions of Floor Committee 8 to be addressed during Q&A @ 2:20 p.m. Sun.

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Mark Miller said...

It was a very moving service in many ways. Having said that - before coming down here, I told friends in my congregation I was looking forward to hearing 2000 Lutherans singing together. The joke is on me - I could not even hear MYSELF sing. The amplification was so loud I literally covered my ears at times.

Have we forgotten what normal sound levels are? I thought I took a wrong turn in the convention center and ended up at a rock concert.