Tuesday, July 13, 2010

President-Elect Matt Harrison's Speech on YouTube


Anonymous said...

I haven’t had the time or courage to read thru all of the BRTF stuff that was passed. I think it is ironic that the massive structure changes that Pres. Kieschnick initiated and shepherded into reality will be administered not by him, but by Rev. Harrison. I’m sure it’s a bitter defeat for Pres. Kieschnick, and although I disagreed with him on so many issues, I cannot but feel a strong sense of empathy for him right now. How President Harrison governs and administers this new structure will reveal to us the kind of man he is. We should not expect miracles, nor is it realistic to think that he will issue an encyclical “ex cathedra” banning contemporary worship, or any other such odiousities that some fear. But I think I can safely predict how he will go about the work of the Lord in the House of His (and our) Fathers:

Our new president is a pastor at heart, and we can reasonably expect that he will govern pastorally, as Walther did. He is an able administrator, and we can expect that he will use that gift wisely in the weeks and months and years to come. He is a man of the Word, and we can expect that his every move will be bathed in prayer and God’s Word. What more could we ask?

Johannes (soli Deo gloria!)

Scott Diekmann said...

I agree Johannes. Well put.