Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Top “10" List of Things You’ll Never Hear Scott Diekmann Say

10. “I sold my copy of Testing the Claims of Church Growth on eBay.”

9. “That Rob Bell is one heck of a theologian.”

8. "Deeds, not creeds."

7. “I got Leonard Sweet to autograph my copy of SoulTsunami!

6. “In truth, last summer the LCMS had its most positive and unified convention in years.”

5. “Jerry and I have a tee-time tomorrow at 9.”

4. "I never question the COP."

3. “IE was canceled for business and programmatic reasons, and that’s final.”

2. “I’m sick of all this incessant internal purification.”

And the number one thing you’ll never hear Scott Diekmann say:

1. “Oh rats, I forgot to wear my Ablaze!® bracelet.”


Frank said...

Ha! So you do always wear your Ablaze! bracelet! I knew it...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you forgot another one:

Why should we let a little thing like doctrine get in the way of Christian unity?

Hoffster said...