Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's At Stake?

Quoting from the July 13 segment of Issues, Etc. with Dr. David Scaer discussing the Lord’s Supper:

Host Todd Wilken:

"What’s at stake in these differences over the Lord’s Supper among Christians?"

Guest Dr. David Scaer:

"What’s at stake is that, what is at stake is Christianity itself, because if the position that the bread cannot be the body of Christ is allowed to stand, then the next step is that the body of Jesus cannot embrace the Son of God completely, and taking that to its logical conclusion you end up with Unitarianism or deism. This is exactly what happened to Puritan theology in New England which began in the 1600s, the 1700s. That morphed into Unitarianism very easily, and the emphasis then goes on, as soon as the emphasis goes on the sovereignty of God, the person of Jesus takes a second place, and basic, you change the whole nature of Christianity so it really isn’t Christianity any more."

You can listen to the whole thing here:


Martin Diers said...

This is what I appreciate about David Scaer.

If Todd had asked that same question of Jay David Webber, there would have bene a lot of mumble-jumbling in an attempt not to offend the Calvinists.

Anonymous said...

That interview was one of the best I've heard on Issues. It was truncated by a call from Pres-Elect Harrison. I hope that Rev. Wilken can do the program again, this time for a full hour. Great stuff!!

Thanks for posting this, Scott


Robbie F. said...

Wow. Why isn't THIS the guy CPH tapped for its commentary on Matthew?

Anonymous said...

Well, Jeff Gibbs is awfully good. Either one would be excellent. Dr. Scaer's "Discourses in Matthew" is well worth the read.


Dennis Peskey said...

Robbie - I sat in Dr. Scaer's office and posed that very same question to him. Suffice it to say, it is not his favorite point of discussion. Dr. Scaer never leaves one wondering "What did he really mean?" My advice is listen and learn - and add "James, The Apostle of Faith" to your must have listing. A word of advice; if you attend CTSFW's symposium and Dr. Scaer is lecturing, get there very early for a seat. Love him or hate him - they all do listen to him. He's earned that honor.