Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Worldview Everlasting Studio Tour – Eye Popping, with a Dash of Intrigue

While at the Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference this weekend, we were able to tour Pastor Jonathan Fisk's Worldview Everlasting studio. The studio is located in Pastor Fisk's study, consisting entirely of the backdrop that we're all familiar with, and a camera on the opposite wall (see both below). It's amazing how the new media has changed the face of “telecasting.” You no longer need a million dollar studio to broadcast to the world – a small camera, a wall, an idea, and an internet connection will do.

Pastor Fisk with our daughter Paige

FingerLock biometric door lock
After I shot the photo I discovered that one of the books on the shelf was fortuitously obscured by Pastor Fisk’s positioning in the pic - a book by Catholic mystic Thomas Merton, one of the men who popularized interspirituality. And it's a good thing I noticed.  Imagine the internet scandal that would have ensued if that had shown up in a WE video.  We were wholeheartedly assured by Pastor Fisk that this book was surreptitiously placed in amongst the otherwise totally confessional Lutheran books by a certain assailant. Knowing Pastor Fisk’s confessional pedigree, and the nature of the alleged assailant, I’m buying his story. In the interest of avoiding Eighth Commandment entanglements, I probably shouldn't say this person’s name since we aren't positive it was he who did this dastardly deed, but his initials are Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller! I suspect that in the future Pastor Fisk will secure his studio behind biometric locks and 512-bit encryption in an effort to avoid future incursions by fleeting pastoral ninjas. You can never be too cautious in the safeguarding of the truth.

photo credit: flick


Pastor Wolfmueller said...

It wasn't just me, Pastor David Kind was in on the plot.

Scott Diekmann said...

Ah, so you admit it! And you're ratting on your co-conspirator too. Fie.

Rev. David A. Kind said...

Argh! Ratted out by a fellow mischief maker!!!
(Fisk's samurai sword also happened to block the book title on the WE video.) Double Argh!

jim claybourn said...

A great example of Pr Wolfmueller's philosophy of taking our theology seriously, but ourselves not so much so.

Thanks to ALL of the people mentioned in this post for what you do for confessional Lutheranism.

You have helped me in so many ways.