Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Do the Words of Institution Hold?

From Luther’s tract That These Words of Christ “This Is My Body” Still Firmly Stand Against the Schwaermer, written in 1527:
Thus the words (of institution) hold first the bread and cup for the sacrament, the bread and the cup hold the body and blood of Christ, the body and blood hold the New Testament, the New Testament holds forgiveness of sins, and forgiveness of sins holds life eternal and salvation.

E. G. Schwiebert, Luther and His Times: The Reformation from a New Perspective, (St. Louis: CPH, 1950) 703.

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Norman Teigen said...

Some Lutherans discount the importance of the consecration. Christ cannot lie and when he says that the elements are his body and his blood, we are to believe what he tells us. When the word is added to the element it becomes a sacrament.

Thanks for posting this.