Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now that's Dedication

The son of some of our friends is on a mission trip down in the Dominican Republic.  We received a letter from him the other day that made me laugh.  Here's a little of what he had to say:
It is sometimes difficult to go day after day and pour yourself out to these kids when it's hard to see if there is any fruit but I was really encouraged when I heard a boy about 10 years old singing.  He was singing "Christo es mi Superhero" which means, Christ is my Superhero, to see the joy on these kids faces as they sing about Jesus is amazing.  We have also been doing about two dramas everyday which have been really good, except on our first time where my friend Gabby broke her tooth during the drama.  No one knew it happened until we finished and she got it fixed the next day.  So yes the dramas do get pretty intense sometimes.

photo credit: that.girl


Anonymous said...

It is fascinating that third world countries seem to have a higher percentage of believers than the first world counties. I often wonder at what point will God turn His back on us and instead choose to bless the more faithful nations in the global south.

Scott, here is a link for you. Will you be writing us from China?


Cafeteria Lutheran

Scott Diekmann said...

It's pretty common for U.S. pilots to be wooed by foreign carriers. That offer really doesn't look all that great compared to some I've seen in the past from other foreign carriers that weren't based in China. My Chinese is a little rusty so I think I'll stay put! Does CPH ship to China?