Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your Long Lost Cousin Wasn’t a Chimpanzee!

Time to redraw the diagram. As genome mapping becomes more sophisticated and more organisms are studied in greater detail, it looks like the branches of the evolutionary tree have been drawn in the wrong spots. Maybe there aren’t any branches. To quote Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D., discussing a recent article in Nature magazine on the Institute for Creation Research website,
In a significant number of cases, evolutionary trees based on DNA sequences show that humans are more closely related to gorillas or orangutans than chimpanzees—again, all depending on which DNA fragment is used for the analysis. The overall outcome is that no clear path of common ancestry between humans and various primates exists, so no coherent model of primate evolution can be achieved.
Of course, that’s not news to many Christians, who draw their evolutionary conclusions first and foremost from Scripture. For them, man was created in God’s image rather than having evolved from the primordial goo to you. Once again, it appears that science is further vindicating the truth of the Bible. But then again, whether science seems to agree with Scripture or not, Truth will always be found in the person of Jesus Christ – He is the way, the truth, and the life.

photo credit: Bryan Wright


Anonymous said...

The evolution establishment simply will not (or cannot) come to terms with the near infinite complexity of DNA, and the mathematical impossibility of even the simplist DNA happening by a series of accidents. There's not enough time and not enough accidents.

Gene said...

Recently, I traveled to Kenya and on the KLM flight there the entertainment system was replete with several videos about Africa and Kenya specifically.
According to the story the reason the apes starting walking was because the climate became drier and the trees further apart,etc. So they had to walk from one tree to the next for food. They postulated another species as being an in between species.
It seems to me this scenario is the same one that is used to explain why certain species have died out. I'm just saying, hummn.

Scott Diekmann said...

I thought man became upright as the need arose to get up off the couch to head to the fridge for a beer!