Monday, March 12, 2012

Remeber When... #2: Issues, Etc. Rises Again

Remember when the Issues, Etc. home page looked like this...

...instead of like this?:

Pastor Wilken in a tie, instead of a tee shirt! Ironically (or maybe not), today Issues, Etc. makes its reappearance on the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod's AM radio station KFUO, less than a week from the four year anniversary of its original cancellation on March 18, 2008.  Like the mythical phoenix, Issues has once again arisen from the ashes, this time back at its original home, but without the shackles of Synodical censure or the whim of bureauocratic  expediency.

This time they're paying their own way, purchasing ten hours of live programming weekly, from  3-5 p.m. CST weekdays on KFUO 850 AM in the St. Louis area. Hopefully this will be a stepping stone to bigger things.


Anonymous said...

Is it the tie, or does Rev. Wilken look older in that KFUO picture?

Regarding the sale of KFUO FM: With the rise of the Internet, I often wonder whether FM radio is relevant anymore. Where I live, almost all of the stations are either country or classic rock. Variety no longer exists on the FM dial.

AM radio does have its place with talk radio, so Issues, Etc. does seem like a nice fit for "car bound" listeners.

Scott Diekmann said...

It's not the tie, it's the weight.