Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Right Mix

There’s a lot of really gifted, highly qualified people who helped write Concordia Publishing House’s book Lutheranism 101, many of whom I especially admire. Starting on page 299 there’s a list of contributors. They include deans, pastors, business managers, seminary faculty, people with bachelors and masters degrees and doctorates, commission members, DCEs, graduates of Cambridge and Stanford, district presidents, editors and authors, deaconesses, consultants, lecturers and writers, supervisors and church planters. But there’s one that really stands out, and that’s the bio of Rebekah Curtis. What could be so special amongst all the others? See for yourself:
Rebekah Curtis makes food, cleans up messes, and writes sporadically. She vaguely remembers receiving a BS in education from Concordia University Nebraska and an MA from Concordia Seminary. Rebekah reports that she and her husband have five children, all above average.
Now that’s a bio. The right mix of humor, humility, and vocation. I’ll have to remember that.

photo credit: Paul-W

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