Thursday, March 22, 2012

Districts Gone Bad

Overtures to conventions have a way of disappearing. Presidents are often given the power to disallow an overture if they deem it to be factually in error. Here is the colorful tale of an overture that was sent to the waterless desert graveyard of rejected overtures. In this case, it was an overture in support of University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) in Minnesota, sent to the Minnesota North District Convention by one of its circuits. I converted the original pdf file to a graphic so it could be posted. You can find the original pdf file on the ULC website here. Decide for yourself it the overture contained factual errors.

The ULC property has been sold out from under them by the Minnesota South District. They are in their last month before they must pack up and leave, leaving behind many hopes and dreams and stepping into an uncertain future. Fortunately, God promises to be with them! More information on the sale of ULC can be found here, as well as ways in which you can help.

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Anonymous said...

If there's enough support, this resolution/overture can be brought to the convention by a delegate. The chair has to consider it, and at least it will get a reading and hearing, whether or not it ever receives consideration and action. It should be printed and distributed--that will get the attention of all the delegates. It can also be mailed to all the delegates before the convention.

Joe Strieter