Friday, September 17, 2010

Stuck On You!

Last month we took the Friday morning rail to Seattle just for the fun of it, a 47 minute ride, and walked around in downtown Seattle. Here's the results:

The train, called the Sounder, at the Puyallup station.

Zach (in green) pondering relativity as another train speeds past on the southbound track.

What Wilken would wear.

Inside the Seattle Public Library. Definitely worth a visit, but you need to be adventuresome to discover all that this library has to offer.

Do you think the SPL has "Orange Chair Videos" like the LCMS convention's "Red Chair Videos?"

Zach downloading knowledge.

Paige and Cheryl figuring out where we're goin' next.

But wait! Click on "Continue Reading >>" to continue the odyssey to Seattle's fabulous gum wall.

"25,000 pieces of gum. I wonder if that one is Dubble Bubble or Bazooka?"

A romantic interlude at the gum wall.

Some people insist on labeling things.

Gum definitely cuts down on the need to wash the windows.

Stalag-gum-mites! (No comments from the geology purists please.)

Stuck on you! To get to the gum wall, go to Pike Place Market and head to Pike Place Fish. Just in front of Pike Place Fish is a big brass pig - go down the stairs that are right by the pig, then down the hill into the alley and you're there.


Dave Lambert said...

Where are the photos of the flying fish?

Scott Diekmann said...

Here you go Dave: