Friday, September 3, 2010

Noteworthy Business Cards

I was digging through a drawer and came across a few business cards that I thought you might be interested in.

A card that might seem a little out of place in Nebraska, but not in Seattle.

The back side of the same card.

The card of a former patient of mine.

One of my friends owns this bar.

A patient gave me this one while I was a resident at Denver General Hospital in, you guessed it, Denver. I used to make frequent trips to the emergency room to piece people back together again, DG being the big trauma hospital in Denver. There was a book published about the emergency room there. The title: The Knife and Gun Club. That was no exaggeration. For years after I left that hospital, any time I smelled alcohol, I was immediately reminded of the smell of blood as well. Too many sleepless nights treating gunshot wounds, car accident "victims," and people who had their faces rearranged by their buddies. The fun part was doing forensics on the customers down in the morgue - those patients held still much better than their drunk counterparts up in the ER.

We met Lloyd while on the beach at Brown's Point in Tacoma. He was salmon fishing and we were goofing off. I like his homemade card. The motorcycle dude was made with a rubber stamp and the "Lloyd" was added with a typewriter. The only other thing on the card was his phone number, which I omitted for privacy purposes.

If you ever need a book on apologetics or especially cults, Rich is the guy to call. They rent a house that's filled with books on every cult imaginable. By filled, I don't mean a few shelves here and there - I mean there's mostly no furniture other than some tables and shelves and a desk and everything else is books stacked floor to ceiling, every room, including the basement. You can just barely walk through the place. I don't know how Rich finds anything, but he seems to know right where everything is. Some day I need to go back and take a few photos. It's the only way you'd believe it.

Have a great weekend.

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