Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Evangelism the Lutheran Way

Quoting from Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller's article "A Lutheran Theology of Evangelism, Some Theses," posted on the Hope Lutheran Church website:

..."Evangelism Training" will be nothing more than continued study and meditation on the proper distinction between law and Gospel.

...the central act of Evangelism is not asking the unbeliever to come to Jesus, but rather, in the name of Jesus, forgiving their sins. Evangelism is the Church speaking the Absolution to the World.


David Cochrane said...

Pr W has a great way of putting things. Hope Lutheran Church website is a great resource.

God's peace. †

fgminpros said...

Excellent post! Bryan's statement would be a fabulous addition to ALL L.C.M.S. congregation web sites! Thanks!

Scott Diekmann said...

Maybe Pastor Wolfmueller's statement could be turned into a mission statement: Generic Lutheran Church's mission is to be about the forgiveness of sins for the life of the world through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Anonymous said...

I have long thought that we ought to "advertise" our congregations as places where one receives forgiveness of sins. Period.