Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Gospel-Driven Life

Quoting Dr. Mike Horton, co-host of The White Horse Inn, on his October 26, 2009 appearance on Issues, Etc.:

Every one of us is going to have to give an account of our lives. We are going to be judged by works. Now the question is, whether we are going to cling to Christ and His works, or whether we are going to say “You know, I’m going to be my own lawyer here. I’m going to argue in my own defense. I’m gonna go ahead and wear those filthy rags to the courtroom.” The news on judgment day has already been delivered to those who have faith in Christ - we’ve already heard the verdict. Not only that we’re not guilty, but that we are perfectly holy, righteous, and acceptable in God’s sight because Jesus Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us. There is therefore now, no condemnation, for those who are in Christ Jesus.

photo credit: jpc101


Rev. George Poulos said...

Thank you for this post. We can never be reminded enough that it is Jesus, and Jesus ALONE Who is able to and willingly pays the full price for our sin/sins! Praise be His Name eternally!

Scott Diekmann said...

You're welcome Pastor Poulos! It is good news.

Anonymous said...

I will never tire being reminded of this ad nauseam. I am weak, and the temptation to become my own lawyer is great.

And now you reveal yet more hidden treasures of the Sleeping Giant. Thank you!