Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ah, that Feels Good!

What feels good? Life with something other than an Ablaze! logo.

As reported yesterday by Dr. Al Collver on his blog The ABC3s of Miscellany:

Today, at the LCMS Board and Commission Orientation, "Witness, Mercy, and Life Together" was presented as a way to describe the work of the Synod using Biblical categories and themes. Witness, Mercy, and Life Together is the English phrase chosen for the Greek words Martyría, Diakonía, and Koinōnía. These activities describe the work of the church and are centered on the cross of Jesus. Martyría describes the witness, proclamation work (missions) of the church. Diakonía describes the church's work as a servant of mercy to those in need (human care). Koinōnía describes the church's life together with all its accompanying activities such as worship, schools, seminaries, church relations, et al.

I look forward to many more days of refreshment as we explore together as a synod God's gifts of martyría, diakonía, and koinōnía.

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Dennis Peskey said...

Christ centered - Cross focused - Trinitarian; could this be Lutheran! And with presentation in Greek encouraging catechesis as part of the koinonia.