Thursday, September 9, 2010

Building a Bigger Pipeline

If you're a Thrivent member and you recently received a mailing regarding Choice Dollars, might I suggest directing those funds to Issues, Etc.? Just select Lutheran Public Radio as your preferred organization and you're all set. These are monies which Thrivent donates, not money that comes out of your own pocket, and you can set it up so that they route your selection into the Lutheran Public Radio pipeline on a recurring basis! An easy way to ensure that Christ-centered cross-focused talk radio continues to thrive. Of course, they're still taking direct donations as well. Send that big fat check to

Lutheran Public Radio
P.O. Box 912
Collinsville, IL 62234

photo credit: David C. Foster

1 comment:

Pastor Peasant said...

Unfortunately, I do not qualify to participate. We only have life insurance with them and I guess that's not enough anymore to qualify for funds. Sad. Once AAL and LB merged and took over LB's management style and organization, IMHO the organization began a downhill slide. I liked AAL much, much better.