Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quotable Blog Quotes #7

Quotable Quotes From Around the Blogosphere

Pastor Dave Petersen

But here was the interesting thing: under the [Third] article that is labeled " Sanctification" there is nothing about good works. The Holy Spirit sanctifies His Church through the Gospel, through the communion of Holy Things, by the Forgiveness of sins, for the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. No call to good works here.

I know: it is obvious. But you'd be sadly surprised how many pastors think the only way to increase the good works of their people is to preach the Law. In fact, the preaching of the Law increases sins, not good works. So if you want the people to do more good works: preach more Gospel, forgive them. That is how the Holy Spirit does it. And that is what the Apostles' Creed confesses.

Mercy Journeys With Pastor Harrison
Pastor Matt Harrison

It's the kind of paper that people who like these kind of papers will like.

thinking out loud
Pastor Rick Stuckwisch

Life is a battlefield when the Kingdom of God invades the devil's stomping grounds. So, too, because Christ Jesus has been baptized to be your Champion and your Savior, He is immediately driven by the Spirit of God from the waters of His Baptism into the wilderness, there to be tempted by Satan and to engage that wicked foe in a strange and dreadful contest. Thus, the Son of David goes out to meet a bigger, badder Goliath than this world has ever dreamed of.

The wilderness is where Christ contends with Satan, because the wilderness is where you are tested and trained. The wilderness is where fallen sinners learn how to live in Paradise again. It is the long stretch between Egypt and Canaan. It is where you are taught to live in the Kingdom of God by faith. To that end, it is in the wilderness that you are called to repent and believe the Gospel, but it is especially at those two points that you are tempted by the devil.

Laughing Martin
I. M. Abaldy II

If your pastor is too busy teaching and promoting non-Lutheran studies and/or planning his next creative praise service or chancel melodrama to teach and practice the Confessions and good Lutheran theology, then you need to go find a pastor who is Lutheran. Continuing to support a man who is derelict in his duty is not beneficial to anyone--yourself included. This is especially true for someone who would have no problem finding such a pastor within reasonable travel time and distance. (Is an hour too long to travel for the Bread of Life? Two hours?) To support such pastors while solid, faithful men are being starved and thrown out and their congregations closed or overwhelmed is not healthy for the church or for you.

Brothers of John the Steadfast
A quote from Pastor Charlie Henrickson’s sermon “Weak Power and Foolish Wisdom”

Pop Christianity, Christianity Lite, has pushed the cross so far into the background–in its songs, in its worship style, in its message, in what it says and what it doesn’t say–that it hardly resembles historic, biblical Christianity any longer.

Poor Jesus. How can he handle all this rejection? You can expect it from the world, but when the church turns Jesus from a bloody crucified Savior into a blow-dried life coach, something has gone terribly amiss. The message of the cross has gotten lost in the process.

Paredwka: Dropping the Ball
Pastor Benjamin Harju

In Christianity the laity get communion with God, participation in the Divine Nature (2Pt. 1), and the hope of eternal life in Christ's eternal kingdom. That's a pretty good promotion in lay participation, if you ask me.

But today this participation is not on the radar as it should be. The focus is more on who calls the shots, who gets to be seen, and how the average person can feel more connected to what's happening in the Service/Mass/Liturgy. This reveals a great distortion. A deep and organic connection already is there, and is the foundation for gathering on Sunday in the first place. It is established in Baptism. It is active and alive throughout the Liturgy. It billows in an upward ascent until it reaches the Sanctuary and Throne Room of God. It culminates in the reception of the Holy Mysteries. This is the role of the laity. The role of the clergy is in service to this as Christ's living representative or icon, and comes with a doubly severe evaluation at the end.

Father Hollywood
Pastor Larry Beane

And no, I don't write this [Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’s Blog] blog (I seem to be accused of writing any blog that is 1) anonymous, 2) satirical, 3) critical of authority, and 4) humorous). And, remember, we Lutherans are obliged to put the best construction on all things, so if the blog author claims to be the actual hard-drive from the presidential teleprompter, than we are duty-bound to believe him.

Incarnatus Est
Pastor Paul Gregory Alms

It is no easy thing to believe, no easy thing to be a Christian. It truly is a miracle, a thing which is totally and completely unexpected, contrary to common sense. What we preach and offer is absurd to our ears, completely opposite, foolish and meaningless to human ears. I am sometimes perturbed when attendance dips or people are not as faithful at church as I would wish. But more lately I am amazed anyone is here at all. And I don't mean that in a pessimistic way.

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