Thursday, March 19, 2009

The CAnniversaryTM Celebration, Day 5

Welcome to Day 5!

Coming up Friday: Guest Blogger Pastor Todd Wilken

Let's move on. How about calling it Super Tuesday from now on? They're BACK!

My favorite clip:

Today's guest introductions:

Special audio treats for today: More bump music (including one I did myself - see if you can guess which one), Pastor Paul McCain, "outtakes," lots of Pastor Wilken.

Jeff Schwarz and Todd Wilken moving the board into LPR.

Issues, Etc. trivia quiz

Name the two people who say "God" and "Gawd" in the following sound bite:

Click on "Continue Reading>>" for the answer:

The first speaker is Dr. Steve Hein. The second speaker is Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller.

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