Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The CAnniversaryTM Celebration, Day 4

Welcome to Day 4!

It was one year ago today that Issues, Etc. was canceled. The above graphic appeared on Paul's page on The Wittenberg Trail, and captured at least one of the feelings that many of us shared. Pastor Wilken and Jeff Schwarz were fired, on the spot. It was Tuesday of Holy Week - now not so affectionately known as Black Tuesday. Here's your pink slip. Oh, and by the way, have a blessed Holy Week.

The major airline I work for decided to lay people off a couple of decades ago, and they informed those people on Christmas Eve that they were going to be without a job. Merry Christmas. People still talk about the company's heartless behavior twenty years later. You might expect such behavior from a Godless corporation, but from a synod? As we'll see in Pastor Cwirla's remarks, it's hard to tame the beast.

Coming up Thursday: Guest Blogger Chris Rosebrough

More guest introductions:

Today's treats, including a soundbite of Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, plus Todd and Jeff:

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