Friday, March 20, 2009

The Chelada Files

Surely you’ve heard Craig, Jeff, and Todd talk about Chelada at some point since the revitalization of Issues. It’s made by Anheuser Busch, the makers of Budweiser. Chelada is created by the ever popular combination of beer and brussels sprout. Oops. Wait a minute. I don’t think that’s right.

O.K. I’m back. I checked on the web - it’s beer and clamato juice. That sounds a lot better doesn’t it? What do you mean you don’t know what clamato juice is? Clam juice plus -ato. Get it? I’ll give you a hint: Bob, the host of Veggie Tales. Yes! It’s Budweiser, clam juice, and tomato juice.

Chelada is a shortened version of the Spanish word "michelada," which when loosely translated means “my cold beer.” I bet you Spanish speakers are really impressed with that. Sort of like how the Chevy Nova didn’t sell well down in Mexico, because in Spanish, “nova” means “no go.” Anyway, it’s been the subject of a lot of Issues, Etc. banter over the months. Pastor Wilken thinks it's the best drink in the history of humanity, and these clips are well worth a listen as he attempts to advance his gustatory machinations:

The Chelada Files, Part 1:

The Chelada Files, Part 2:

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