Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scientists Discover Diversification of the Human Genome Which Supports the Biblical Account of the Flood

As reported by Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins on the Institute for Creation Research website, researchers have discovered that the human genome began to rapidly diversify about 5,000 years ago – a fact which certainly is consistent with the Biblical account of the flood.

In a study reported in the July 6, 2012 issue of Science, researchers analyzed the DNA sequences in a large group of European Americans and African Americans. Their data, coupled with demographic models, revealed the recent burst in genetic diversification. Dr. Tomkins comments:
The authors wrote, "The maximum likelihood time for accelerated growth was 5,115 years ago." Old-earth proponents now have a new challenge: to explain why—after millions of years of hardly any genetic variation among modern humans—human genomic diversity exploded only within the last five thousand years?

However, the same data conforms to and dramatically confirms biblical history. Since the author's date represents the maximum time, the actual DNA diversification event probably occurred even sooner. A biblical time scale indicates that a global flood occurred about 4,500 years ago, and this closely correlates with the time scale of the researcher's estimate.
Once again, science is the ally of the truth found in Holy Scripture.


Dennis Peskey said...

No surprise here. Would love to read the suppositions of Darwinists as they attempt to explain the recent diversification of DNA after their supposed "billions-of-years" foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Well, it certainly does not "prove" the Tower of Babel account, but it is interesting. I'm reading "The Dawkins Deficiency" alongside Dawkins' "Greatest Show..." One has to be on his toes to keep up with Dawkins' leaps of logic and faith. It's important that we, too, avoid such leaps.

If anything, this latest discovery is just another of God's little jokes on the culture--I am reminded of Romans 1:20,, and can almost hear Him chuckling, "Heh, heh, heh...."

Joe Strieter