Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Picnic

Growing up in Nebraska, the winters were pretty brutal. My aunt and uncle (my dad's sister) lived the good life in sunny California - they even had a pool in their yard! Anyway, my uncle would make fun of the Nebraska weather, which somehow lead to this photo of my parents and I having a "picnic" in the back yard in the middle of a balmy 1960 Nebraska winter. My sister must have taken the photo. It may have been a little brisk for Corn Flakes outside, but at least the milk stayed cold.

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Fallhiker said...

I love it.... Unfortunately nobody ever took pictures but when I was stationed in Newport Rhode Island I would BBQ even in a snow bank if I had too.... once the grill got up to temp the snow would melt away but, until then I could find myself standing knee deep while turning steaks(which luckily my Wife and I like them rare).