Monday, August 13, 2012

Faculty Salaries at Lutheran Institutions: Are They Equitable?

Someone sent me an Excel spreadsheet with data for the average full-time faculty salaries of selected Lutheran institutions from 1980-2010, which I thought was interesting.  You can download a copy of the Excel file here.  The results:

Click on the graphics for an expanded view.


Carl Vehse said...

These "average full time faculty salaries" for the various educational institutions will be affected by the number of senior faculty or by their retirements, the development of new academic departments or the shrinking of various older departments.

It would be useful to compare similar graphs with average full time salaries for the junior faculty and for the senior faculty. Also, let's not forget the adjunct faculty, which is beoming a larger part of educational institutions today.

Scott Diekmann said...

Good points Carl. Thanks for your comment.

bruce-church said...

Scott D., thanks for posting this spreadsheet and charts.

Carl V., I don't know of any online public information on the salaries of senior and junior faculty members, only the average salary. You ask about the adjunct professor salaries. Likewise, the junior and senior salaries is not online, but the average salaries of these are online at:

Page down and look under the Faculty and Wages tab. To create a spreadsheet and chart on all the Concordia U schools adjunct professor salaries, one would have to look up all their web pages on, and then tabulate them all in a spreadsheet.

Ichabod compared LCMS, ELCA, WELS and ELS faculty salaries already (along with adjunct professor salaries), but only for seminaries. Ichabod is probably not concerned much about the salaries of professors at Concordia U campuses.

Carl Vehse is an Ichabod commenter, btw:

LCMS Seminaries - Where the Money Is. Ultra High Tuition and Salaries:

Carl Vehse said...

bruce-church said: "Carl Vehse is an Ichabod commenter, btw"

Having my comments from other web site copied without my permission onto Ichabod doesn't count.