Friday, August 31, 2012

On Video: A Night Landing on Runway 25L in Los Angeles

This is a video of a 737-800 (the same aircraft type I fly) landing at night on Runway 25 Left in Los Angeles (LAX). It is filmed looking through the Heads Up Display (HUD), which is a clear acrylic screen that folds down in front of the captain (also on our aircraft). The instrument indications are projected onto the HUD screen, with the focal point at infinity (so the HUD and the runway are simultaneously in focus), allowing you to view the instrument readings and the runway at the same time without having to look down at the instrument panel. You can hear the crew making their normal calls, plus the chatter on the radio (such as the control tower air traffic controller issuing clearances - that's the female voice), and the synthetic voice of the ground proximity warning system automatically calling out altitudes. There's a lot going on in those last 1,000 feet!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I watched it several times. Very interesting and alot to take in.

roger said...

Awesome. Nothing beats getting in them in one piece. I flew years ago, VFR only. Learned while on vicarage! It was really great until the cost was more than a pastor's salary could afford.