Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frank and Brotherly Rebuke

Quoting from Dr. Kurt Marquart’s presentation at the 2003 Annual Symposium on the Lutheran Confessions at Concordia Theological Seminary titled “Fellowship in the Former Synodical Conference”:
The point here was, mutual recognition in oneness of faith, doctrine, and confession. Oneness in the one faith once delivered to the saints in the Apostle’s doctrine. And without such agreement there could be no joint mission work. But with it there is full communion in the church’s work and life and worship, including frank and brotherly rebuke of St. Peter’s fear-induced lapse into a hypocritical practice – and Paul rebukes him publicly, and this precisely in order that the purity of the Gospel proclamation might be safeguarded. And please note too that the public offense against the Gospel by St. Peter demanded prompt public correction, not endless secret negotiations.

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