Tuesday, February 21, 2012

American Politics: A Portrait of Sin

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod President Matt Harrison, on his blog Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison, discusses his recent appearance before the House Committee on Government and Oversight. It is a very sad commentary on the state of U.S. politics. The grandstanding, misrepresentation, and generalized incivility towards anyone not "just like me and what I think" demonstrated at the hearing by the congresspeople and the media coverage that followed highlight the depravity of our sinful nature. Thanks be to God that He sent His one and only Son to rescue us from this body of death. Here's the last three paragraphs of President Harrison's post:

The hearing was a sideshow. I was asked by folks back home, "It seamed speaker after speaker on the democrat side had not heard what you just said!" Said, I, "They didn't. You see each person simply came in with the talking points for the cameras and blasted away only to leave as soon as they did the grandstand." All was twisted. "You really want to get rid of birth control, right?" Harrison: No. We're not against Birth Control, but only abortion causing drugs. "You really don't care about women right?" Harrison: No. I've spent years assisting them. I knew my dear wife was at home no doubt yelling at the T.V. Wished she were there instead of me at that point.) Republicans wanted to draw me into condemning Obama outright. Wouldn't do it. I was representing the Missouri Synod. We haven't condemned Obama care, or even ruled on it. And we won't. Our problem is the government forcing religious people to act contrary to their doctrine and practice.

I felt like I was in monkey cage frankly. But the media circus followed. The Dems lost the argument in the hearing, so they sent in the troops to obfuscate and create drama for the ever willing press. So the story is turned to something like this: "Why do you guys hate women?" "Why do you want to take our contraceptives away?" "How can you men be testifying about women's health?" There were some exceptions. Tim Townsend gave us an accurate piece in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The New York Times wasn't all bad. Others were pathetic. Nancy Palosi was blasting away on the Sunday morning shows with the obfuscation. (I regard that attack as a badge of honor.) The panel photo even appeared on SNL. More nonsense. I couldn't care less.

The constitution is with us. And like Hosanna Tabor, it may take some time, but I believe the HHS provisions are going to fall with a crash in the Supreme Court. And we'll have another shot at talking about what the "real" issue is.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't condemn the President's healthcare policies - popularly known as Obama care - otherwise I would be typing a very angry response right now.