Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Is Good: Audio Recordings of the Book of Concord

It’s not often you come across a deal this good. Pastor Paul McCain, on his blog Cyberbrethren, recently reported that the entire Book of Concord has been recorded, and is available for free. The text for these audio recordings comes from the Book of Concord, the Triglot Concordia, and are thus a part of the public domain. They are read by Librivox volunteer Jonathan Lange.

Not only can you listen online, you can also download all of the recordings for free. You could burn these to a CD and listen to them while you’re driving, or put them on your iPod to listen to them as time allows. You pastors out there might want to copy the whole thing to distribute to your congregants.  What a great way to become more familiar with the book that contains all of the Lutheran confessions.

For more information, visit The Book of Concord website here.

Here's a sample recording:

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