Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for Some Fun, and Serious Stuff Too

The 4th Annual Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference is right around the corner, on Friday and Saturday, February 10 – 11 in Naperville, Illinois. To quote from the BJS site:
This conference will take you inside the head of two of Lutheran media’s most creative minds: Jonathan Fisk of Worldview Everlasting and Bryan Wolfmueller, co-host of Table Talk radio. Pastor Joshua Scheer will also help us explore the important issue of how much time we ought to spend on the internet.
Now this I gotta see. I imagine the inside of Pastor Fisk’s head is jammed with rushing planes, trains, and automobiles. Inside Pastor Wolfmueller’s head, by contrast, is a cavernous space with a small light off in the distance, sitting next to which is a tab-collared guy smoking a pipe and quietly contemplating some deep theological conundrum. It’ll be worth the trip just to see if I’m right.

The overall theme of the conference is “Getting the Gospel Doctrine to the Diaspora” and will focus on how new Lutheran media brings Confessional doctrine to those who are not able to find/join a conservative, confessional and liturgical parishes.

The conference will feature Vespers on Friday, with Pastor Tom Messer preaching, and the Divine Service on Saturday, with Pastor David Kind preaching, and music led by Cantor Phillip Magness.

There will be a pizza banquet on Friday night, the heart-stopping manly man’s breakfast on Saturday morning, and Chicago style hot dogs, cheese fries and chili for lunch on Saturday. Please supply your own AED.  Plus, don’t forget the late Friday night wine tasting, cigar smoking and Irish whiskey drinking “No Pietists Allowed” parties.

You can find more information here, the schedule here, and hotel information here. To register, go here.


jim claybourn said...

Can't wait!

Dennis Peskey said...

Coming - or going (I'm never sure if I coming or going)!

Scott Diekmann said...

I'll see you both there!